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Team phones and availability

1 minute read

Viewing team availability

The team availability menu can be accessed the same way the availability menu is accessed on your personal TextUp phone. You will be able to view your team members’ availability in this menu as well as edit your own availability.


Team availability - mobile Press the person icon in the top left corner of the screen. Then press availability.


Team availability - desktop

Select the availability icon (calendar icon) from the left hand toolbar.

Editing availability

You can have your team phone use the same availability as your individual TextUp phone (default availability) or you can set custom availability for this specific phone (custom availability).

Default availability

Default availability Default availability means that you’ll receive calls and texts from your team phone during the same times you receive work communications from your individual TextUp phone. If you edit your availability on a team phone with default availability, the change will also apply to your individual TextUp phone availability. Learn more about availability settings.

Custom availability

Custom availability Custom availability gives you the opportunity to have team phone availability hours distinct from your individual TextUp phone availability hours. Edit these availability times the same way you edit availability for your individual TextUp phone. You’ll be able to view your team members’ availability as you schedule your own, allowing you to easily coordinate coverage.

Manual availability

Manual availability If your availability does not match a regular schedule, you can manually toggle your availability on and off.

Team phone away message

Edit away message Your away message functions as your voicemail as well as the automatic text message response someone receives if they text your TextUp team phone number and no team member is available. You can edit your team phone’s away message in the availability menu the same way you edit your away message on your personal TextUp phone. Note that when you change the team phone away message, it applies to all team phone communication, not just your communication on the team phone.