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TextUp enables social work agencies and nonprofits to foster strong client relationships built on consistent communication and reliable follow-up.

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Technically speaking, TextUp combines a cloud-based phone system with a CRM platform tailored to the needs of social workers and care providers. Our users can access a HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant work phone number from any of their personal devices. While clients communicate with this TextUp work phone number the same way they do with any other phone number, staff have access to the entire TextUp suite of features.

Practically speaking, TextUp gives social work and nonprofit staff the capacity of work phones at a fraction of the price. This gives staff what they want — work-personal life separation — while giving clients what they need — a direct channel of communication. And our automated recordkeeping, one-click mass messaging, and myriad of other time-saving features lighten your administrative burden, giving you more time for direct client service.

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Our customers serve as advocates and advisors to those who otherwise lack support. But despite the critical importance of their work, many social work agencies are underfunded and short-staffed, creating a high stress work environment. According to the American Public Health Association, the average social worker has 25 clients at once. Only 18% of their time is spent on direct client service and the rest of their time is spent tracking clients down, documenting, reporting, etc. Because of the high stress and administration burden, studies have revealed annual turnover of 41% to 51% among U.S. social workers.

TextUp provides the capacity-building, time saving, stress-reducing tools that social workers need to be successful at a price point their employers can afford. And when social workers are effective and happy, their clients recieve a higher quality of care.

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As a community-based organization offering a variety of social and educational services to our clients, it is important to maintain high-touch communication with them. TextUp allows staff to work together in our respective groups without risking leaking personal client information or having to give out staff members' personal numbers. The group messaging allows us to deliver information to our entire program or organization in seconds rather than spending days calling and following up with clients on the phone. With our limited staff time and resources, it has been a great tool to enhance our agency communication overall.

Benjamin Miller, Adult Education Coordinator
Progreso Latino, Inc.

TextUp has really revolutionized the way we communicate— both with our clients and with each other. One of the features I love the most is that it provides a second line that we can use on our existing phones. If I had one more thing to hold on to, I would certainly lose it. Having a work number that I can have with me—that I can readily turn on and turn off based on my availability—is really, really helpful.

Recently we've started using the share feature a lot because oftentimes what we'll do is we'll start with a client working with one person, but then we'll connect them with another staff member. And being able to link that staff member into the existing conversation both gives them context and allows them to start forming a relationship with the client.

It’s been a fabulous thing. The whole team is very, very responsive. We’ve never had any big issues. Whenever we have any little thing, we just email or call them and it’s fixed the next day."

Megan Smith, PATH Program Manager
House of Hope CDC

TextUp has allowed me to give the folks I work with greater access to me but in a way that still provides me boundaries and privacy. It’s also very useful for mass/group messaging when I need to get word out to folks about something important. It’s great to be able to communicate with clients and others with the flexibility of texting or calling a line that isn’t an office phone.

Kali Otto-Gentry, A Hand Up Program Coordinator
Amos House

My team manages street outreach work among individuals experiencing homelessness. TextUp empowers us to maintain practical and meaningful contact with our clients. The app is secure and confidential, facilitates collaboration among colleagues, and allows us to individually manage our availability. Being able to meet our clients where they are is of great importance to us, and the TextUp team is constantly working on adding new features with our values and experience at the center.

Sara C. Melucci, Outreach Program Manager
House of Hope CDC

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TextUp is a seasoned team with deep experience in social work, product design, and software engineering. We are active volunteers at service agencies in our communities. We are discerning practitioners of design best practices. We are driven to support the important work done each day at the social work, non-profit, and healthcare agencies we serve.