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From Google Voice

2 minute read

Transferring your Google Voice number to a TextUp number is a three step process that this guide will walk you through. After the required documents are submitted, it takes between 1 to 2 weeks for the transfer process to complete. If anything goes wrong, we’ll be in touch to keep you updated about steps to fix the problem. When the transfer process completes, we’ll email you letting you know your TextUp account is all set up with your Google Voice number.

The three steps of the process we will go through are:

  1. Unlock Google Voice number
  2. Complete Letter of Authorization and Additional Information forms
  3. You should email the following three items to
    • Your Google Voice unlocking receipt
    • A completed Letter of Authorization form
    • A completed Additional Information form

If you have any questions, please email us at

Unlock Google Voice number

Before you can transfer your Google Voice number, you first need to unlock your Google Voice number. Unlocking your number costs $3. You will need to pay this cost, but we will reimburse you or your agency through an agreed-upon method.

  • Navigate your web browser to the Google Voice unlocking page. For added security, you will need to log in with your Google credentials again.

Screenshot of reauthenticating Google credentials

  • After signing in again, you will see a list of numbers. Make sure you the number you want to unlock is selected. Then press Unlock my number.

Screenshot of starting to unlock number

  • After clicking Unlock my number, you will see the following screens that will guide you through the process of paying the $3 unlocking fee.

Screenshot of confirming number unlock

Screenshot of completing unlock payment

  • After successfully paying. You will see the following confirmation and receive the following email. Please forward the receipt email to We need to submit this email as proof of your ownership of this phone number and also for reimbursement purposes.

Screenshot of unlock payment receipt

Screenshot of receipt email

Complete required forms

After you have completed the two forms, please attach and email the completed forms to

Letter of Authorization form

Please download and complete the Letter of Authorization form. If this link does not work, the please copy the full text of the link into the address bar of your web browser:

After you have downloaded the form, please fill out the six fields marked with the red boxes.

Additional Information form

Please download and complete the Additional Information form. If this link does not work, the please copy the full text of the link into the address bar of your web browser:

This form asks you for additional information we need to submit your porting number request. The information we need from you is:

Screenshot of changing voicemail PIN steps

  • The day of week that prefer the switch over to TextUp to take place. After your porting number request is granted, we will receive a tentative date that the switchover will happen. During the switchover, you may not be able to receive text messages for up to 3 hours. To minimize disruption, you may specify the days of the week that you’d prefer the switchover will happen. We will try to reschedule the date to honor your request.