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Multiple contact numbers

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Multiple numbers You can list multiple phone numbers for the same contact. If you text or call a contact, we reach out to the first priority phone number. If that phone is off or the number is no longer in service, we route the communication to the second priority phone number and so on and so forth until the communication is successfully received.

Drag numbers To change the priority listing of a contact’s phone numbers, click and drag the arrow icon to the right of the phone number. Drop the number in the correct priority within the list.

Sent receipt The colored dot to the left of a message indicates whether it was successfully received by one of a contact’s phone numbers. Green is received, gray is pending, and red is failed. The number to the right of the message indicates how many phone numbers received the message. Press that number to see the list of recipient phone numbers. Even if you communicate with different contact phone numbers throughout a conversation, if the recipient phone numbers are all logged under the same contact, the message will be part of one cohesive conversation.