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Empowering social services

From over-200 interviews with staff, directors, and clients of social service agencies, we know that lack of information leads to frustration, wasted resources, and missed opportunities to help people help themselves leave homelessness. Yet in metropolitan areas across the US, 50 to 70% of people who are homeless have working mobile phones. Up to 90% of those phones have unlimited texting. TextUp is an online mobile communication and collaboration service for case managers that increases staff-client engagement and tracks effectiveness of communication with clients, among staff, and with other social service providers.


Sign up for TextUp.


Create however many TextUp phones you'll need for your staff.


For each staff member, link up personal phone with TextUp phone. That's it!

And if the situation changes

You can easily transfer any TextUp phone with all records intact to another staff member.


Easily communicate through your TextUp account using any of your devices.


Clients can call and text your TextUp phone just like any other phone.


Share contacts with other members of your treatment team to ensure continuous care and constant contact.


Enjoy the convenience of mobile communications without publicizing your personal phone number.


Collaborate using a team TextUp phone in addition to your personal TextUp phone.


Automate record keeping of client communication to avoid tedious revisiting later on.

Scheduled Messages

Coming soon. Schedule text reminders for yourself and for clients saving time and energy.


Coming soon. Send call and text-based announcements to your client subscribers to notify them of important updates.


Eric Bai

Eric studied Computational Biology at Brown. Eric has worked with the homeless community in many capacities: in soup kitchens, in shelters, and as an outreach worker. He has experience in full-stack development, prototyping and interviewing.


Hanna Oh

Hanna studied Industrial Design at RISD. She is passionate about designing systems and services that improve the quality of life for individuals. Hanna wants TextUp to change pre-existing system that is not working well for users.


Michelle Petersen

Michelle explores innovative healthcare practices through Public Health & Public Policy. Michelle can be found volunteering at Hasbro Children's Hospital, working for the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, or baking treats for her fellow Social Action House members.

We are privileged to work with incredible partners in Cambridge, Providence, and Rhode Island. Their support, advice, and feedback help make TextUp happen.